LIPSY London – Fashion Trend Setters

There is no stopping the elegant, yet smashing designs of Lipsy London this season!

Lipsy London has always been able to shock and initiate trends in the world of fashion but, this winter they are hitting all new heights in the exciting universe of “fashion trend setters”. This British brand founded the avenue that leads all celebrities, wannabes and trend followers looking super fine in whatever Lipsy outfit they choose to wear. Alla Moda Chanelle wants YOU to be able to experience this!

Lipsy London was created in the heart of London 20 years ago and has made it their mission, with an amazing in house team, to transform the most stunning catwalk looks to streets all around the globe.  Since being launched in Australia, Lipsy London’s instinctive designs and bold, yet classical looks are a MUST have for your autumn and winter wardrobe.

Lipsy London’s designs are sexy, unique and feminine – which are the essentials when it comes to female clothing. It is what every girl wants and looks for in an outfit, whether it is a day dress or their 21stbirthday dress. The Lipsy collections ensure that every girl feels great in what they wear with no hard work!

Woman looking over her shoulder in red dressThe Oracle Floorlength Dress, The Josephine Embellished Dress and the Iconic Floor length design are just a few pieces that successfully bring the catwalk to you. Alla Moda Chanelle not only stocks these styles in store and online, but stocks many more Lipsy London pieces that will blow your wardrobe’s mind!

Lipsy London has always had that special touch when it comes to the “perfect party dress” and the high fashion designs that regular fashionistas are always craving. Lipsy has been spotted on many celebrities and has become “rich and famous favourite”. Some celebs that dig the Lipsy London look are Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Pixie Lott and Taylor Swift.

So jump into Alla Moda Chanelle today for a dress that will bring out the Lipsy London celebrity look in you!!!